We are proud to offer you the first-ever
German Engineered Cigar.

German engineered for its taste. Controlled and tested over its full development and manufacturing cycle.

Cigars perfected following German engineering standards.

Our Blend

All Rauchvergnügen cigars are long-filled and hand-rolled by the best torcedores in our partner factory in the Dominican Republic, following highest German standards.

Rauchvergnügen cigars are engineered to give you a fresh and exciting smoking experience – they are of medium strength and are easy to appreciate, yet bearing a profusion of nuances to explore. We engineer cigars that give the cigar novice a hint of what’s possible, while offering the expert a new dimension in taste and gratification.

Our blend features aromas of cedar wood, alpine herbs, mint and moist forest. These combine with hints of peat, dry leaves, coffee, ginger and sichuan pepper. Our cigars are designed for maximum smoking pleasure – for the cigar aficionado who seeks the extraordinary.

Rauchvergnügen delivers true German engineering qualities in a hand-rolled cigar.

We engineer cigars

We create cigars in the same way we Germans engineer the best technology in the world. The result is ultimate precision in aroma, taste, and smoking performance: cigars that are exciting, precise and satisfying down to the smallest details.

We worked with selected dealers and cigar lounges in Germany and the U.S. to finalize the details of our brand and our cigar blend, until finally releasing the #42 cigar for production in the Dominican Republic.

The result exceeded our expectations by far. We therefore decided to expand our brand by four additional vitolas of the same blend to cater to a wide array of smoking preferences.

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Where to buy

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Oliver Nickels

Chief Cigar Engineer

Jan-Klaas Mahler

Chief Cigar Designer

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